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rzęsy o profilu J

lashes profile J

rzęsy o profilu B

lashes profile B

rzęsy o profilu C

lashes profile C

rzęsy o profilu D

lashes profile D

We are pleased to offer you the highest quality, professional eyelashes. For the extension and thickening by 1:1.
In the interests of our clients eyelashes are made of special, having all the approvals plastic with silk proteins, which makes it resemble fine human hair and as a result can produce a perfect, dream look.

We offer eyelashes:
profile: B , C, D, J
thickness: 0,15 mm, 0,20 mm, 0,25 mm, 0,30 mm
length: from 6 mm to 15 mm
colour: intensive black

A full range of length, thickness and twist allows for individual and fully professional approach to the customer.

Our lashes are characterized by a high gloss, lightness, resistance to all kinds of bruises and the ideal profile (distal taper that perfectly mimics a human eyelash.) All this makes that the client will feel comfortable and naturally and special.

All eyelashes are proven and tested by our experienced specialists.

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