• Przetwórstwo Tworzyw Sztucznych
  • ul. Spokojna 11a, 05-260 Marki
  • tel.: +84 501 038 881
  • tel./fax: +48 22 781 29 47
  • e-mail: kontakt

About us

Our plastic processing company, Przetwórstwo Tworzyw Sztucznych Stanisław Wardak, has been present on the market since 1990. Initially the company operations included a production and distribution of plastic packaging. In 2004 we expanded our business profile by adding a production of Beauty Angel artificial nails and in 2011adding the production of silk eyelashes.

As the nails are made of top quality materials only, they are durable, flexible and easy to process. Beauty Angel products were introduced on the Polish market in 2004 and were well received by both wholesalers and individual users because of their highest quality. They are now sold to the biggest cosmetic wholesalers in Poland.

Companies interested in cooperation are invited to examine our offer and contact our sales representative.

Samples of artificial nails and silk eyelashes are free of charge.